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Chimney Sweeping Logs

I’m often asked do chimney sweeping logs really work?

The short answer is yes, providing you have creosote accumulating in your flue.

Chimney sweeping logs have a chemical that acts as a catalyst to break down creosote into less dangerous and easily removable soot. The type of creosote we are referring to is shiny black and sometimes sticky. This type is not removable with traditional chimney brushes and requires either a mechanical chain whip or chemical catalyst.

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Chimney Draft Problems

Everything was running fine with your wood stove or fireplace until about halfway through the burning season, when you noticed that the fireplace was spilling smoke into the room or your wood stove had a hard time pulling enough air into the stove to keep the fire going. At first you thought it may be the weather condition outside, but when the problem continues the next time you use the appliance, you start getting worried about what is happening in the chimney and why you cant get enough draft.

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Online Appointment Booking

Scheduling your chimney inspection or sweeping just got easier.

To use the Appointment Scheduler will need to first login into your account.

Once you have successfully logged in you will be taken to the appointment scheduler, it will also be available on the main menu bar.

There will also be pricing information for Inspection/ Sweeping services.

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